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As I drove past the Hollywood Bowl, after spending the morning with Richard Simmons who was heading to

this concert, I was amazed at the streams of people everywhere. All I knew was Lady Gaga was going to be there, and when I got home I saw the live broadcast streaming on Yahoo.

Richard Simmons and Tracy Repchuk

First it was very reminiscent of the benefit concerts of yesteryear – which would create opportunities to pay homage to the great influencers of the planet – in this case Bill Clinton – and in the past it added benefits and causes that impacted the world. Live Aid, Sars Stock, and many others.

The event called A Decade of Difference, is bitter sweet when I reflect on it.

As I listen to the beautiful stylings of Stevie Wonder, and appreciate the songs of simpler times, and appreciate the effort people like Bill Clinton, and others are doing, it makes me wonder as we struggle from the ground up – why is it they can’t do this from the top.

When Bill Clinton was in office, he wanted to make a change. His biggest influence was after, when he could leverage his prior position.

Why is it the changes we need in this world right now –

those things which these types of organizations are trying to help with – don’t come from the government. They are fine with coming in and mandating how children are educated, give handouts to billion dollar failing industries, bail out wall street – yet New Orleans, New York City, and many people who have been affected by devestation and poverty – can’t be helped. In fact, that is the area for cut backs.

If you can educate someone with what you know, do it.
If you can change something within yourself, or your area, do it.
If you can fight for someone without a voice, do it.
If you can create a better world, do it.

And you may encounter some battles along the way.
You may have to confront some scary stuff on that path.

But you will have lived a life where you know you made a difference, and lived – not just were here.

With an innovator such as Steve Jobs now departed, it’s time for us to each do our part.

I will and am doing mine.
Think of just one thing you can do today – to make a small or big difference.

And just think of the ‘ripple’ effect that will produce – this week alone.

Additional guests included Kenny Chesney, K’naan, Juanes, Usher, Lady Gaga, The Edge and Bono.

Comment below – let me know what 1 thing you can or will do or have done today. Let’s encourage each other more, acknowledge the individual efforts, and cherish the community that is earth.

See you on the brighter side.

Tracy Repchuk
Power Business Mentors

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PPS – I thank you for reading this, commenting, and being a part of my community.