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We love reality TV – especially XFACTOR, American Idol and The Voice type shows. After diligently watching all of them, year after year, I saw an interesting pattern emerge on X-Factor.

There are a lot of great singers XFACTOR – Diamond White, Emblem 3, Paige Thomas, but what does Tate Stevens have the others don’t?

Is it age?

Is it experience?

Is it his story that has captured the hearts of America?


But there is one thing Tate Stevens has that nobody else does – it is a BRAND.

Yes – you read that right – in the world of marketing – whether it be soap, website development or launching the next superstar – it will take a brand.

Tate Stevens is ALL country – and that works in his favor.

It is his unique selling proposition.

He knows his target audience – and he sings/sells to them.

He uses their lingo, dresses the way his target audience can relate to, and is the whole package for his target market.

The remainder are still searching for their niche.

Seeking out their identity.

Grasping and grooving in to find what makes them unique.

Remember American Idol’s Adam Lambert? We knew who he was week after week. And even though he didn’t win, his long standing demonstration of his skill bought him a career and a CD buying itunes downloading audience.

I think the other contestants will soon get their stride, and select their own voice and direction that suits them as an artist – but in the meantime – watch the power of a brand in action. When the others get it, there will be a fast shift on the leader board and then the games will begins.

It works in marketing, and the marketing of a musician.

If your business is struggling, it’s not the economy, it’s your marketing.

What is your unique selling proposition?
Who is your target market?
Is your message sweeping throughout the internet, your websites, your social media, your business?

Get the help you need – schedule a free appointment, website review, let’s get your brand seen because the commodity today is fame – and it’s up to you to step into your celebrity no matter what field you’re in.

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Tracy Repchuk
Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategist and Speaker
Best-Selling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles