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Help yourself, help others, it’s a win-win.

World Internet Main Event Fund Raiser is in full swing, and we need your help. I am up here in San Francisco and we are trying to raise $110,000 for Unitus – an organization that provides micro-finance loans to third-world people who lack the financing to take advantage of opportunities in their region.

Giving only $55 – will GET YOU over $1200 worth of free bonus gifts, plus change lives of many, many people.

This money could directly help 20,000 micro-entrepreneurs, and more – because it’s a loan, and they pay it back, and that money then goes to the next person that needs it.

View the Unitus Video

Check out the video link, get the full details of this event, and please help Unitus to help others.

These loans change lives, gets them food, gets them clothes, education, and so much more for the impact they have in their communities goes beyond financing. It touches on the core belief of hope, and faith, and help.

Give today – the first $22,000 will be matched

Shawn Casey, an Internet Marketer, has put up a challenge that the first $22,000 raised, he will match. That will be $44,000 and we’ll be almost half way there.

And for every donation, there is gifts and bonuses for you. For only $55, you get over $1200 in free bonus gifts, and you help another entrepreneur make a big difference in their lives.

It is a win-win, please give today, and help us to make our goal a reality, and their dreams, possible

A small donation has a big payoff

Yours Sincerely,

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS – You can be a dream maker this weekend – Join Me!

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