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Some kind words I found in my inbox.

From: Donna Thompson
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 12:38 PM
To: Tracy Repchuk
Subject: Tracy, You’re Better than the Best!

Tracy, you’re better than the Best, and I’m the Best!

Better in the sense that you take your genius to it’s height, and I haven’t yet. But, I will!

I love you Tracy Repchuk for the person you are.

You don’t realize the magnitude of how you helped me.

You’ve helped me to the height of the help I needed to allow the genius within me to escape the bondage of my mind, by allowing me to express suppressed thoughts filed in my mind under the title To Be Recognized.

You’ve helped me to accept the realization that I had potential

–Thank you Tracy Repchuk–I will always be your biggest fan!

I am forever willingly indebted to you, until the day comes that I am your equal in genius.

Tracy, I believe it was your energy which attracted my energy where your Genius discovered my undeveloped Genius.

May Love, Peace
Be With You Always

Donna Thompson
Foresta Gump

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