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The other day I called an impromptu Q&A call with my Internet Marketing Newbie club members. At first I was just going through how the club worked, what to expect, how to be successful and keep up, general stuff like that. Just as I was about to wrap up, a couple of questions came through the back chat area, and I started to answer them. I had actually answered the majority, when I realized – I wasn’t taping any of this. I didn’t really expect content to emerge, so at the last minute I turned on the recorder, and recapped some questions, plus answered 2 more late arrivals.

The quality of the recording is not up to par, as I was quickly doing it offline, but you can hear it and understand it – there is just some level and static issues.

Here is the Internet Marketing Newbie club last few questions answered audio where you’ll discover:

Landing page essentials

– How you can market a service effectively

– What to do with your first subscribers

– The importance of pilot tests and surveys

– Why knowing your list makes life easier

– Autoresponder tips

– Turning tips into an ebook

– Quick content secrets

– Repurposing Tactics

Normally I would record something, get it transcribed and make it into a product. Luckily for you this is just 3 questions I answered, and because I was quickly recording offline – the recording was not it’s usual clarity. Hence great for content, no chance of being more than helpful hints for you.

I hope you enjoy them.

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles available at

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