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Tracy Repchuk

I am just back from the Internet Marketers Cruise and after spending 8 days with 200 of the top internet marketers the trends, traffic, and tips became very apparent.
(Pictures to come)

From Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal to CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) insights from Tom Bell, to a host of master minding sessions that rocked our worlds, I will be going over pieces that I think will impact you in a very positive way.

To start off nice and slow, I am going to reiterate the importance of Twitter, a social media community that can send communication at the speed of light. You can get messages to your followers instantly and often, without complex thought, and with the opportunity to create expanded relationships with people by providing as much or as little personal information as you would like.

So here is the tips of the day:

1. Follow me in Twitter. It only takes a few minutes, simply click on the Follow button, or if you don’t have an account, it takes seconds to make one.

2. Even if you have no idea yet how twitter will impact you or fit into your plans, do it. Because that will be revealed to in when you have hundreds of followers with no effort. It is like landing pages on steroids, without the need for any skill or talent whatsoever.

3. Once you get going in Twitter you can install what is called a Twitter Deck which allows you to sort, and expand on Twitters power.

This was a major agreement from all the Internet Marketers on board, and that was Twitter rocks, it works for them it, it is a turbo-based relationship builder and it can create a major platform for your launches with barely any effort at all.

So jump aboard and make your first tweet right now.

Follow Tracy Repchuk on Twitter.

See you there.

PS – Here is a link to a twitter dictionary where you can learn the terms and have fun being in the know!

Tracy Repchuk

Your Quantum Leap Coach

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