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Social media marketing can take on many forms — a blog; a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace page; a LinkedIn profile; or a viral video on YouTube … to name a few.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Some refer to this as web 2.0 and it’s a form of Internet marketing used to open channels of communication and sharing and create relationships and generate exposure via an online community.

Social media sites allow users to become part of an online network, in which they can blog, share photos and ideas, and chat with friends or colleagues. Many marketers recognize the advantage of these online communities, and now use them to target potential (and existing) customers.

And, how exactly are these potential customers targeted?

For members of online communities, it’s all about who your friends know. Users can see who friends are connected to; this raises awareness of your brand with all who visit.

Why Market Through Social Media?

Social media marketing provides many benefits for businesses:

• Free: This new form of marketing and in most cases it is free

• Immediate Messaging: It provides instant (and viral) communication with a large audience.

• Free Back Links: Google loves to index your sites, especially when they appear on high ranking sites, which most popular social media are. If your posts are search engine optimizated, you’ll be ranking in no time.

• Assists Traditional Marketing Efforts: Social media marketing can be used as a low-cost way to reinforce traditional marketing campaigns.

• Builds Your Reputation: Many social media tools allow for feedback or recommendations from members, plus allows others to see how big an impact you make.

• Audience Connection: Your presence within an online community
shows customers and potential customers that you are current, you are up to speed with the latest trends, you are accessible and you are one of them.

Getting Started

For now, if you are brand new, follow me on twitter and you’ll start to see what happens when you watch, communicate and make new friends.

See you there – it’s easy and free.

Tracy Repchuk

Your Quantum Leap Coach

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