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They just spoke on the same day at the Internet Masters Seminar in Chicago today.

I am at the Chicago Internet Masters Seminar with some of the greatest Internet Marketers, and the attendees are getting more than their money’s worth.

I went through my Formula Based Success ( seminar, where I go over the 3 elements I used last year to accomplish what I did – FAST!

Here was one attendees comments: Felicia Slattery

Dear Tracy,

What an amazing weekend it was! You provided excellent value during your talk. I took tons of notes. What I loved most about your presentation is how you emphasized the fact that entrepreneurs can be unique on the end product—but not on the path. I see so many people trying to re-invent the wheel and doing it all wrong.

I think the most valuable tip I picked up personally was to optimize each blog post for keywords. I’ve been blogging casually for two years, but only recently started learning about the best ways to blog for business.

I was so excited see you talk about public speaking as a super traffic formula. It really is one of the most powerful marketing tools and is so underused.

This show was put on by Ross Goldberg, who did a great job. Always learning, always trying to do better for the next one, and doing whatever it takes to make sure his speakers and attendees have the best time possible.

Today’s speakers included:

Richard Butler – Success Strategies – all the way from Ireland

Joel Comm – Like you don’t know who he is 🙂
– I loved his content, really talked about dreams, lifestyle, mindset

It was so funny because all 3 of us (Richard, Joel and myself), back to back talked about mindset – so many are getting enlightened that all skill and no mindset can be a hard way to go about it.

Tracy Repchuk (me) – I did Formula Based Success Audio Package – you can now check it out.

Simon Leung – Mr. Google Adwords himself

Nathan Anderson – SEO

Frank Sousa – Video and traffic master

Day one of the show was wonderful, the seats were full, and everyone was exploding with ideas.

At the end of the day, it was a lovely supper in the hotel, and hanging out in the lounges. It was also Donna Fox’s birthday, so a lot of celebrating was going on. 🙂

I’ll keep you updated.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Now you can get the amazing offer they did too for a limited time. Over 30 of my best products, shipped on a digital and video player – so you can stay motivated, and get educated at the same time. Formula Based Success with Tracy Repchuk

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