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I have been mentioning over the last few weeks about looking for trends and companies that capitalize on getting to their target market.

With the sheer magnitude of Wal-Mart, and its enormous success in the brick-and- mortar stores, they have once again tapped into an fortune using internet marketing and eCommerce.

With their latest coup they have garnered an instant online presence and integrated over 3300 with the ability for consumers to shop online, and pick up for free in a local store. Saves time and adds an element of convenience for their family-based shoppers.

Plus, how much do you want to bet when they come into the store to pick up their order, they also have a handy statistic that lets them know how many buy perhaps an extra item or two while they are there.

Great marketing and catering to their target audience, while providing multi-channel shopping convenience.

So take a look at your business, or online venture, and see how you can tap into a different market and bring more customers to you.

For me, I’m about to check out business book clubs, and foreign rights for the book. Opens up a whole new audience.

Have a fun day, and take 15 minutes to discover your hidden treasure.

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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