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From Tracy Repchuk – Marketing Makeover Maestro

“Answers Are Only an Amazon Click Away”

Twas the night before Weekend
When all through the net
Google searches were crazy
People plunging in debt

They were searching for ways
To make money at last
Hoping for push button
So it would be fast

Instead I set calm
on the growing chaos
Where a sea of confusion
Would cause you a loss

There’s no magic button
No turn of a key
It’s going to take effort
It’s okay – you have me

I can show you the way
The path that is true
It contains real solutions
That I know you can do

I take you from list building
Niche selection and more
There’s over 300 pages
So I’ll try not to bore

But I can tell you this –
As you search hard in vain
This book and my help
Will remove all the pain

So I hope as you pick
Your gifts for this year
My book is among them
To give you good cheer

Now I’ll bid you good day
On this chilled winter’s dawn
So your dreams can come true
and your freedom lives on.

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Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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