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Twitter and doing social media is a major benefit for your company – especially for brand awareness and customer interaction.

There are 3 elements to an effective tweet:

1. Try to convey a specific message in your post – whether it is about you, your company, your brand, a product, a location, a special offer, a news item that fits your audience, or anything that engages.

2. Be consistent – tweet your special offers consistently, get them looking for specific information at predicted times, answer questions and keep it up

3. Have fun with it – this is a social experience

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LInked In have all become business standards and a cost effective way to reach your immediate audience.

Make sure you get involved with your customers, engage them, and make them feel special – because in a world of high competition – this is the new medium – and it’s a great move from one way communication to customer interaction.

It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and can make or break a company in today’s economy.

See you next time.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Power Business Mentor

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