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Wow, you know that you’ve come full circle, when the site that started it all – 3 years later gets a makeover and a new launch.

I was so excited to work on this site.

In fact, it had been asked of me many times, do you have a site where we can find out all about you – all your products, your services – and at the time I wouldn’t even promote it, because I had come so far, and the site hadn’t.

And when I first started out – that site was Marketing Makeover Maestro

It was where I sold my very first landing page, on the 2nd day of being an internet marketer – for $5497.00

It was where I sold my first copywriting gigs (outside of the direct sales marketing industry of software where I got my training).

It was the page I put up quick, while I worked on what I was going to sell and built my list with my one and only landing page. It was the page that shocked me when the sale came through paypal.

So, after finally getting the landing pages, sales pages, coaching programs, speaking engagements, network marketing streams, and filling my arsenal of goodies, I took the time to design, code, and create my new Marketing Makeover Maestro site – which ties together the majority of what I do in internet marketing.

It was fun seeing the progress from internet marketing newbie, copywriter, to bestselling author, internet marketer breaking 6 figures in my first 6 months, with no list, no contacts, and no idea what I was doing.

It’s not fancy – it doesn’t have to be – this is to let you know that you can do it too.

I started with nothing, and now I travel around the world, speaking with the most powerful internet marketers. I associate with giants in the industry. I turn down 10 times as many opportunities as I take. And it only took 6 months to make the world of difference, and one decision – and that was to pursue my dream.

Make that decision for yourself today.

Check out my new – the original – Marketing Makeover Maestro site.

Leave comments here – I love to hear from you, and appreciate you being in my life, and a part of my journey.

I wish you all the success in creating cash communities of your own.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS – If you’re a working mom – be sure to become a part of my focused attention – and grab my free ebook – Internet Marketing for Stay at Home Moms at Work at Home Moms Website and I’ll talk about how I balance home, kids, work and life – just for you.