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Returning to my roots, I went to a software tradeshow that my company has participated in for 10 years. This was the first year I went and presented my new business – Internet marketing.

The room was packed, and I have the whole presentation on tape. I am going to post portions of it on YouTube.

I however, had to pack in a 90 minute presentation, into 35 minutes. I had split the presentation slot with my husband and partner, who presented our software solutions. RemoteDesk Software

The comments and feedback I got were awesome, and it was interesting to see how people who had only ever used the internet for a flat brochure type site, reacted to the world of Internet Marketing. They were fascinated and terrified at the same time.

Because they didn’t have time to order my book 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles I took 20 copies with me, and they sold out before I even got to my presentation slot.
The night before there was a 2 hour meet-and-greet, and from my 3 minute presentation the day before, they were ready to get introduced to the wonderful world of Internet Marketing.

There was a queue to have me sign the books. People that had bought on the book launch, even brought their copies to be signed. That was fun!

Overall it was a great show, and we reconnected with our software dealers and became a good contact for their migration to Internet Marketing.

I’ll be posting more pictures of our trip, which is part business, and some personal.

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

Amazon Bestseller 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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