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Today was one of those days that I simply wasn’t productive.

I was getting the headshots of my kids done (again) -damn those constantly
changing good looks….

and so I had to sit around a photography studio for 6 hours (Remember
I have 3 kids).

The photographer was awesome – if you need a great one in the Burbank
area – here is his website: Robert Kazandjian

So what has this got to do with internet marketing?

Well since I had too much time on my hands, but very little focus – because
between every take I had to do hair and clothing changes, I thought
I would list them here. My guess is they’ll be fantastic, so you should check them out right now, and we can compare notes in the future.

Tracy Repchuk recommends:
1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
2. The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy
3. Selling Sucks – Frank Rumbauskas
4. Getting Everything You can Out of All You’ve Got – Jay Abraham

I’ll let you know about this one:
5. Nobodies to Somebodies – Peter Han (This was a random grab based
purely on the title.)

PS – Check back Tuesday to and I’ll show you the link and
you can check out all of the photos that were taken. We also had
a family shot done as well for the kids acting site and we’ll replace the
current one with one of these. There was a really great one Robert
took that you’ll thing is so fun.

Have a great day with your family, or doing what you love!

Tracy Repchuk
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trusting my recommendation

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