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World Internet Summit UK – where I was speaking with some of the top internet marketers in the world, was so much fun it was like a vacation. I am seeing friends that I have met at multiple shows, and getting to know some of the top players.

Today though – was time for play. So here are a few pictures of my visit to London, UK and I hope you enjoy them, get to go yourself one day, and that you get to play when you want, and even better, when it’s mixed with business – write the whole thing off!

I toured the town with my good friend Diane Corriette who I met through her invitation to be a part of her teleseminar series for Women-Internet-Marketers. She lives in London, and I had just been with her a month prior when we got together at Britpack in Bristol, UK. This is where she missed the opportunity to have a nice man help her over the fence in the park. I of course pointed out her error.

Here I felt like I was on the movie set of Shrek. Castle in the distance, beautiful pond of water fowl. It was the perfect day for sight-seeing.

There are another 150 pictures to peruse, but this was early days and perhaps I’ll post a few more later.

Have a wonderful day living the best life that you can.

Tracy Repchuk
Best selling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles