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Hey everyone,

I am on route to Singapore, and wanted to do a quick post for you, because I am losing days like crazy.

First leg of my Singapore trip is done, and I am now in Tokyo Japan waiting for my next flight.

I got pulled over in LAX, so note to any gum chewers our there, Wrigley’s gum in the foil packets sets off the alarms.

It’s 80 degrees and hot. Much of the area isn’t air conditioned, except the main terminal.

I don’t have a boarding pass, so I am very glad the flight came in early (1:00am my time – 4:00pm Tokyo time) because I have to catch a bus to another terminal to get it, and then catch another bus to the gates where I need to board.

I get to the gate in time, which is great.

Watched 3 movies – Beatrix Potter, Charlotte’s Web, and Music and Lyrics. All pretty good.

I love Drew Barrymore and the british guy, so it was a good time passer.

Then they shut the lights off like it’s bed time. I’m not someone who can sleep on planes very well, so I read my magazines, and listened to Matt Bacak, Dan Kennedy and Ray Edwards on my MP3 player the rest of the way. The total flight time was 11 hours and 35 minutes. And the plane was packed.

No spare seats at all.

It amazes me how easily men sleep on a plane. Maybe it’s just me that doesn’t find the vertical seat position comfortable enough for sleeping. We Location Heartland Bank hadn’t even departed and the two guys sitting on either side of me were asleep, and stayed that way most of the trip. I don’t sleep that much in 2 nights let alone on a flight.

My next flight takes me to Singapore and I arrive in at 12:30am. Then I get to sleep.

Next flight time 7 hours and 10 minutes.

I’ll check in with you then.

Tracy Repchuk,
Bestselling author of 31 days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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