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Here we are again,

I got to speak with Ewen and his wife, and they were both a pleasure. And to top it off “EWEN WON BEST SPEAKER OF WIS SINGAPORE” which was so cool to see in front of his home town crowd. This doesn’t happen every year as you might expect, and took Ewen by surprise and joy.

I had known a lot about Ewen, and had some of his products. It was going to be especially nice to put a person to the product in a live and informal setting.

The World Internet Mega Summit has been a dream come true as I met many attendees, and spoke with the speakers. It is part of the journey that I have been excited to approach, and it is due to my attendance at WIS that it was able to happen.

Ewen has managed to dominate the affiliate marketing field, although his depth goes beyond the surface appearance. Funnily enough, Ewen is about the backend, which is the affiliate. He promotes his products at the front with enormous success, and then leverages that to unbelievable fortunes with multiple affiliate programs. His cheque amounts from Clickbank are staggering, and can represent a years wages for many from each one alone.

Are you ready to hear his number one secret to Internet Income? It’s very simple:

Duplicate what you just did.

It was a pleasure appearing on the same stage as he did, and a dream come true.

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Have a great day, and here’s to your success!

Tracy Repchuk

Marketing Makeover Maestro

Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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