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Hey everyone,
I can’t describe how awesome the World Internet Mega Summit is. It has been so exciting for me meeting many of the attendees, and meeting the speakers. It is definitely a dream come true.

Is Armand Morin cute or what!

He is a spunky speaker, high energy, enjoying life type of guy.

He laughed at numerous points in his presentation, you could see from the joy and almost absurdity at how easy he makes money. He has created an art form in identifying a simple concept, and making money from it. It is the epitome of leverage, and something to behold when you watch him speak.

His presentation focused on generating content from gutenberg, article traffic, affiliate marketing, product pipeline, wordpress, and down and dirty methods of easy cash generation. Very effective and informative.

And for anyone left who didn’t know – because I didn’t – he is also Michael Lee Austin – country western singer who hit the charts with his CD. Just further proof that marketing is marketing, and genius is genius.

It was a pleasure appearing on the same stage as he did, and a dream come true.

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Have a great day, and here’s to your success!

Tracy Repchuk

Marketing Makeover Maestro

Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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