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Summer is fast approaching, and businesses are starting to wind down, school is letting out, 3 day weekends are upon us, and kids and families are starting to plan their vacations.

So that is why when I gave a mastermind talk to our high end clients, the bulk of my call to action for the summer – was to do the opposite of everyone else.


– You can get yourself prepared for a powerful September launch of your online endeavour
– You can be the one finally getting heard because most of the big boys have stopped the
daily assault of offers
– You can learn skills that will last you a lifetime
– You can send yourself to internet marketing summer school
(AKA –
– You can make sales now, test, tweak websites, get the bugs out, improve flows, find more bonus
gifts to throw in, work what you have now
– You can start a low cost coaching program, record all of the sessions with a few people,
make some money now, and launch an automated product in the fall

I am all for a balanced lifestyle – equal parts work and play – but in the summer – many people go into shut down mode, and this will cost you not only now, but in September when the industry wakes back up, and you are just getting started.

And wouldn’t it be great to be ahead of the curve, and already have your sites tested, tweaked, and a traffic strategy in place.

So don’t forget this summer to keep your dreams alive by working them.

Time invested in your future, is time well spent. I continue to invest, learn every day, and am always striving to know more about what I can do better.

If you would like a work at your own pace system, weekly homework assignments and a motivational system that keeps you moving forward – check out my tested, proven and integrated online business building blueprint at

Join today, for a few dollars a day you can get YOUR PHD in Internet Marketing.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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