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I was presenting at a keynote in Clearwater, Florida at the Connections Convention, when one of the attendees came up to me eagerly and said

Ron Henderson
“I just heard one of the best internet marketing presentations I have heard in 5 years. While she was teaching, I saw exactly how she picked the key domain names. I bought 20 local names with keyword phrases. When I get back to Raleigh and build the landing pages I know this information was worth over $100,000 to my company.”

Ron saw results, learned technology, and applied it before he even left the 90 minute presentation.

Imagine what attending a live show where I am appearing, could do for you.

You can find where I am speaking at The Power of 3 World Tour

If you are looking for a speaker for internet marketing, let me know. If my schedule is open, it can be a possibility.

See what I taught Ron in minutes.

Hope to meet you soon.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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