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Just received confirmation today that Women’s eCommerce Association voted me #2 for the “Who’s Who in Among Women in eCommerce”

This list reads like a who’s who among women bloggers. And in case you were wondering, many of these women will also be listed in the WECAI WIKI “Who’s Who Among Women in eCommerce.” So stay Tuned!

Introducing this week’s list of women bloggers we have been following . . .

1. Startup Spark with Shannon Cherry –

2. Tracy Repchuk Internet Marketing

This list contained 111 sites, and I had ranked among the top.

Women’s eCommerce Who’s Who

I am currently in the UK speaking at the World Internet Summit – Presenting “The 7 Critical Building Blocks to Building Your Internet Marketing Empire” This 4 day extravaganza has been fabulous for me. 30 new JV Coaching Club members are ready to take on the internet and finally change their life.

The show is amazing – for every level of skills, and after a full circle moment for me – a complete year later – I was on the stage. Something that I hope every one has a chance to experience and enjoy.

Internet Marketing is a great way to get to your dreams, and achieve a lifestyle where you no longer need to exchange time for money, and with that, I wish you well on your voyage today.

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS – If you haven’t gone to an Internet Marketing show before, find out when the next one is coming to your town, or take a vacation that you can write off, and choose one that interests you. It can change the way you start your next day.

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