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Back in my last trip to Atlanta there was a huge buzz about Singapore, it seemed to be a hot bed of Internet Marketing, and they wanted to go. So as I listened I said to myself, I want to be on stage at a World Internet Event in Singapore.

Now I didn’t expect it to happen a mere 8 weeks later, but it has.

Here is the email I received, and now I am going to Singapore to appear on stage at the World Internet Mega Summit – the world’s largest internet show, in front of over a thousand people, with the top Internet marketers in the world.

My point here is dream, and dream BIG!!

Congratulations Location Mountain Pacific Bank Tracy, you are our winner!

Dear Tracy,

Congratulations. We would like to invite you to our World Internet Mega Summit in Singapore from the 26-29th of May.

Please advise us ASAP if you will be available for travel on these dates.

We will provide you with your return airfares to Singapore, transfers from Singapore international airport to our preferred hotel, The Roxy Grand Mercure, & 5 nights accommodation, (including breakfast).

Please can you forward through some details of, your closest airport for travel from.

We will require some further information from you for this event, & we will be marketing your win during this period. Brett McFall will be in contact with you re an aggressive campaign, marketing you to our database, so please be ready to respond. As there is only 2 1/2 weeks left, we will require your prompt return to preparation requests where necessary.

Congratulations again.

Please note: In accepting this prize you accept the following terms

1 You will be required to be prepared to present on stage your story to our requirements (DREAM COME TRUE)

2 You will be required to be at the venue for the duration of the event (WOULDN’T MISS IT FOR THE WORLD)

3 You will be required to prepare a brief PowerPoint of your major successes & forward in to us prior to travel for final approval. (SWEET)

There is no money in the world that could have bought me this type of exposure, for free.

So I look forward to seeing you in Singapore!!

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles”
Available at Amazon

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