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I had met Armand Morin in Singapore originally earlier this year, as I hung out in the VIP room at the World Internet Summit as the “2007 New Internet Marketing Success of the Year”

But the second time was much better. We were both speaking at the World Internet Summit in the UK. This is where I got to hang out outside of the walls of the event, and we had a great time. Because they shut the pubs at 11:30, we had to find an ‘after hours club’ and joining us was Alex Jeffries a UK based internet marketeer.

Watching Armand is fun, as he is always thinking, and seeing opportunity in everything. It is obvious why he does as well as he does, and he oozes confidence, so people listen, even if they don’t know him. Plus – he laughs a lot. He really does enjoy life.

What did I learn that was new from Armand? The importance of attending events, with one purpose in mind, and if you aren’t usually outgoing, simply approach a person keeping this in mind – FORM.

Ask them about thier Family, their Occupation – what do they do, Recreation – what do they do for fun – and Money – what do they want to be doing to make money.

In addtion, since you were checking out this post, I wanted to provide you with some links to some of the most powerful products Armand offers you should take a look at:

Sales Letter Generator

Product Padlock

Easy Header Generator

Have a great day – and better life.

Tracy Repchuk

Marketing Makeover Maestro

Best selling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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