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At Last… I am starting to travel outside of North America so that I can
offer my products and services more easily to everyone.

I will be appearing in the UK – going back to my family roots – at the
Brit Pack Live Show on October 5-7th, 2007.

I look forward to appearing with Robert Puddy, Craig Perrine, Richard Butler,
Nathan Anderson, Scott Paton, Simon Hodgkinson, Jeremy Gislason, and John Taylor.

It will be a jam-packed information session for Internet Marketing skills, and
the success stories posted on the site will more than let you know your money
and time will be well justified.

I really look forward to meeting you there, and like I said – I’m on a mission
to increase the awareness of women internet marketers, and since I am the
only one there, come and support the call, and join me in my crusade to
empower you to build the internet marketing empire you deserve.

Find out more and I’ll see you soon!

BritPack Live 2007

Yours Sincerely,

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

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