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Last chance to get your tickets to the Bridge to Heart Marketing hosted by Judith Sherve and Jim Sniechowski.

There are a few seats left for the show I will be appearing at Sept 12-14th in Los Angeles, CA called the Bridging Heart and Marketing event.

It’s for people like you – who want to market and sell with heart-based integrity –

It starts September 12-14 at the Ayers Hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA just minutes from the Los Angeles airport.

This is a conference that can literally change your business success AND change your life.

That’s why I’m sending a last minute reminder to encourage you to get there if you can!

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Here’s to creating your dreams
Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Get amazing training from people who show you how to sell from your heart, stay true to your purpose and get what you need from life.

Learn to Sell from the Heart

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