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It’s the last day to get your vote in for Top Affiliate Challenge. I will be heading there for a few days to meet and interview the contestants, and report back
live to you on the exciting challenges they face and how the coaches are thinking on their feet to keep their team on top.

So become a part of this event by Voting – and in particular I would like you to go to this link and

Vote for Big Jason

You can do a simple vote of 10, or he is making an offer that if you do what is called a SuperVote – which costs $5.00, he’s got a great gift he’ll send your way.

In addition, while you are there, I’d like to see a vote of 10 go to Ronda Del Boccio as well.

Two great competitors and it will make for exciting results.

Your vote will determine who gets in!

Be a part of the landscape.

Tracy Repchuk

Your Quantum Leap Coach

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