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Today we found out about the Wright Jewellers Immunity Ring – very cute way to integrate a sponsor and promotion. Similar to the HackerSafe T-Shirt from Next Internet Millionaire, I like the home town support in this though.

The results were about $300 in affiliate earnings. Seems deathfully small, but I guess without seeing what had to be done, it’s hard to understand why the amounts were so small – but whatever the reasons – it was consistent across the board given the close proximity of all the teams.

The winning team was Ken McArthur’s.
Second was Team Toolbarn – Jeremey – and the losing team for the day was – John Chow.

Behind the scene connection issues seemed to be the cause.

The person voted off was Jonathon Ryan…. Ohhh, the first one – painful.

Today’s name of the game was free leads and blackmail. 🙁

Blackhat tactics… I guess if you have muscle, you flex it.

Won’t help us, or contestants in the long run, but I know we will see Ken roll out some real affiliate tactics that will help all of us.

Then today starts a Blog Auction affiliate challenge.

The contestants were informed that they will be sending bidders to a blog auction that is housed in this post.

Bid on the awesome collection of prizes we have gathered below:

– An Amazon Kindle ($360 value)
– A LIFETIME subscription to ShoeMoney Tools ($250/month value) plus $100 cash per winner per challenge
– 4 VIP Tickets to Ken McArthur’s JV Alert Live Conference ($2500 value)
– A FREE Paid Post on John Chow’s famous blog (a $450 value) plus $200 cash per winner per challenge

The gurus can participate – so today’s results should be big.

Jason Henderson won immunity – was offered $100 in exchange for the team – but he kept the safety. A buddy of his bought the auction – good working of relationships. He also came into the room and offered his immunity to Collin, however Johnathon was already voted off. Had it been Collin, he could have saved him.

You’ll see next time what happens.

Keep on watching! Tracy Repchuk recommends Top Affiliate Challenge

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

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