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Another one bites the dust… or two… or none.

First place railroaded the competition with $791.63 – Team PepperJam – Ken AGAIN!!
Second place was $220.40 – Team – John Chow
and Last place was abysmal $-7.00 – Team Toolbarn – you should all go home now.
Seriously, do a blog post, make some money, make it happen, and work together.

But tonight was double elimination – OUCH! Team XY7 edges out of last place, and still they take a hit.

Big Jason, Ronda, you are players, you have connections, use them.

No immunity for you today – Collin LeHay has it right now, given to him from Jason. Could this prove to be a death sentence – we hope not. As a result, they went to the teams to sell it. A PPC trick in exchange for the ring – passed.

Lesson – I liked how Thor used a contestant that got eliminated to teach the lesson. Nice touch.

Walk the Walk –

Blogging for Profit. I made my first money from a blog post – ALWAYS blog, and never underestimate the power of this medium. You don’t need a marketing background – just speak from your voice, to your demographic. Communication is key.

Talk the Talk –

Blog daily, and often. Talk, talk, and reply to comments. You’ll build a fast reputation, good following, and the search engines will love you.

So here’s what unfolded…
– Fast result methods such as Pay Per Click is being used.
– Leveraging relationships to build money to pay for Google Adwords
– Using Social Media networks such as FaceBook
– Collin could transfer the ring… will he?

Elimination rundown:
– Jani got a vote from Jason, Ronda, and Tom “Furry Hat”

Next team:
– Collin gave the ring to John Chow to give him the swing vote
– John chose, after much deliberation, Ian

So gone today are Ian Fernando and Jani Ghaffor

But wait…. Jani stays, and so does Ian.

Why? Expect the Unexpected.

John Chow – raised capital fast using personal resources.
Ken McArthur – taught his team and they worked all the angles.
Jeremy Schoemaker – Teach and guide them, that is what will give them the long term benefits

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Watch the next episode soon and get a copy of my book to help you learn the lingo, and fill in the gaps to your affiliate marketing journey.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

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