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… That Most of You Aren’t Doing!

You are invited to attend a FREE TELESEMINAR this
Wednesday August 22nd, at 5:30pm PST, 8:30pm EST. ($97 value)

I am really excited to offer you a free invitation to
my summer sizzler teleseminar event where I will talk to
you about the Top 5 Secrets Internet Marketers Don’t
Reveal, and help you set your goals for the fall.

It will be a chance for you to find out what you didn’t
know, and ask me a few questions as well.

Plus I have received email questions, and tonight you’ll find
out why they made me mad!

I am off to the World Internet Main Event in September
and this will be a great way for you to get organized
and active before I go. If you haven’t checked out the
World Internet Summit (combined with Mike Filsaime’s)
The Internet Marketing Main Event – I am featured on it.

Fun place to be.

Because this is an impromptu talk I wanted to have with
you, here are the call details directly.

Dial: 1-605-475-8590
Bridge Code: 5700562

I look forward to connecting with you and getting
to know you, and telling you where I’ll be this fall.

If you want to make sure your question gets answered
on this call, email it to now
However many I have time for, that’s all I can do so
first-come, first-serve.

Be sure to also get my book which will take you
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dreams. Complete money-back guarantee, and I’ve got some great bonuses for you just for checking it out.

Have a great day, and here’s to your success.

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

P.S. – If you have never experienced the thrill of a teleseminar, start right now.