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The Top 10 Reasons to Use Audio on Your sites was something
that came to me because if you have ever visited my sites, you’ll notice I
have audio on them. As a result of this, I constantly
get the question “Should I have audio on my site?”

There is a debate over the virtues or lack thereof
of audio (and video really), but I will pass on what I
know and think, then it’s up to you.

Personally – I love audio. I like to hear what they
have to say, I can actually do other things while they
chime along. I believe it adds to the experience, and
and I have it on my sites, because before I did, my
conversions were lower.

Now here are some statistics and benefits I have gathered, and
the Top 10 Reasons to Have Audio on your sites.

1. Gets their attention fast.

2. Holds their attention with the extra sensory appeal.

3. Controls the flow of the information, where they
look,and when they react, and what they are supposed to do.

4. Lets you really drill in the features while they are
looking around, or glancing at other things. You can get the
data in fast.

5. Lets you express the benefits in a way that they
will understand as they are listening and viewing.

6. It adds value to the experience.

7. You can add your story similar to the autoresponder
cycle, but in one quick action, which increases the speed at
which they react and buy.

8. You can add a comprehension to the cycle that
brings all of your components together increasing awareness and

9. You can elicit and convey emotion more effectively.

10. You can inspire, motivate, and build confidence and
a connection to you.

In addition to the top 10 reasons to have audio on your site, here
are 2 more for good measure.

11. You can have fun, and add it to your websites,
your blog, anything you do, either informally or formally.

12. You can push them to a call to action, and make
sure they do what you want them to do, by keeping them
focused, and then directing them until the goal is achieved.

Audio and video are fun tools, and with your passion and
sense of fun, you can give them a 30 second-pitch they’ll
never forget, and dramatically improve the results you are
looking for.

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Here’s to unleashing your greatness.

Tracy Repchuk

Bestselling author of “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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