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One of the easiest products you can make, and instantly leverage from a credibility
standpoint, is to interview someone.

Please mark your calendar for July 2nd…

That day, my colleague Alex will reveal how anyone can become an author or
“infopreneur” quickly and easily.

Read what these best-selling authors have to say and why it makes sense to
clear your calendar to listen in on 7/2.

*** Bob Proctor says …

“I have never ever been with anyone who interviews as well as Alex does. I now know
why he’s got a phenomenal reputation.

*** Jay Conrad Levinson says …

Take time to listen to Alex. He’ll teach you how to convert your shyest prospects into lifelong customers.

*** T. Harv Eker says …

“Alex is the king of electronic marketing!”

*** Jack Canfield says …

Alex had us conduct teleseminars to fill my 7-day seminar. After 2 calls, we filled
a 400-person room and had a waiting list.”

What will you say after eavesdropping on Alex’s VBT preview call on July 2nd?

Even better, ask a question and get registered at:
Alex Mandossian VBT Preview Call

Best of Success,

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Remember to get your free report after watching the video