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Stop the FCC Internet Takeover

Tell Congress to Stop the FCC Internet Takeover

In its efforts to impose crippling net neutrality regulations on the Internet-an idea with very little support from the American public or Congress-the Obama administration turned to the FCC to simply pretend Congress has given it authority to regulate. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals emphatically smacked down that attempt in Comcast v. FCC.

But President Obama and his close friend, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, refuse to back down. Chairman Genachowski wants to escalate to the regulatory equivalent of a nuclear attack on the free-market Internet: reclassifying broadband Internet as an old-fashioned telephone system as a pretext for total regulatory control.

We must get Congress to step in and STOP the FCC’s Internet takeover now, because the FCC has launched secret meetings to strong-arm and coerce Internet companies into accepting net neutrality regulations or face even more devastating reclassification into a public utility!

Please fill out the form below to urge Congress to step in and stop the FCC.
Stop the FCC Internet Takeover

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