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Come with me to St. Kitt’s and Happy 4th of July!

I will manage to work in an internet marketing lesson today, but first, a peak at my schedule.

I would go on an excursion in the morning, then I would go on course, then I would go to the convention then the evenings would be split between some course work and the convention. It was a great, but very busy schedule.

After that, there would always be some social gathering in the Starlite Lounge or on deck.

Our first destination was St.Kitt’s. Nice place, beautiful landscape, and here I played with monkey’s and snorkeled. This is the largest population of these monkeys in the Caribbean, and it was apparent because they were everywhere.

Here is one of the landscape.

Then on our return I learned some sales techniques, how to deal with objections – awesome stuff.

Want a goldmine piece of information about decisions and time – if you have an indecision in your life, it is eating up time. Even if you don’t think you think about it, it is holding you back.

So if you have any decisions hanging around, and you’re just sitting on them – DECIDE RIGHT NOW – and get your time back.

ie. Should I quit my job and do this full time.
Should I do an eBook or Audio book.

Any decision that is still sitting in your environment, is sucking away time
and energy – so make a list of the top 5 decisions/maybes you are sitting on,
and DECIDE. You’ll feel much better.

Tracy Repchuk

Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

A Direct Path to Internet Profits

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