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One public decided to jump on a plane and go do Super Power 3 days later …

Another new Scientologist signed up for her Life Repair in the Mission that same day.

One person who had been off course for well over 2 years got on to her basics.

Another public signed up for her next service and is arriving for Super Power this coming week!

Another public paid for his Super Power and is arriving in June...

Two public (a couple) walked right up to their reg after the seminar and with no comm lag and no reg cycle, paid for the balance of their Clear Packages.

Another decided to get on OT VII this Sept as opposed to after he retires...

Only 24 hours later, one couple is securing a trip to Flag to get onto OT VII this week...

Another was recovered back onto service at the Phoenix Org after being off for over a decade...

One public has now decided to do Super Power and is working out the logistics, and 2 more are working out their OT Levels!

...resulted in the recovery of a pc who had not moved on the Bridge for sometime. This pc after an interview bought his whole [TE] to OTV.

Tracy Repchuk is a Class V auditor, OT VII completion, SuperPower completion, Patron of the IAS, and active member of the Celebrity Center OT Committee.

Tracy Repchuk takes complex subjects and breaks them down into full understanding so you can apply and master the skills you need for your business and life.


  • 7 Time #1International Bestselling Author including 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles from Wiley Publishing
  • World-renowned speaker in over 37 countries including China, Dubai, Brazil, Africa, Australia, Singapore, UK and more
  • Award winning entrepreneur, writer and speaker since 1985 when at the age of 19 she started her software company
  • Over 20 awards including from Senate, Assembly, the White House and President Obama
  • Pioneer on the internet developing brands, websites, SEO and now social media since 1994 and currently serving on the Forbes Coaching Council, Amazon Influencer, and Linkedin Advisor programs
  • Featured expert in over 22 National and Local TV as a trusted resource for technology, internet and social media including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and featured in 3 motivational movies
  • Runs her own 501c3 foundation to help underprivileged women to gain life and business skills so they can be independent and run a business from anywhere with confidence
  • Global leader in strategic thinking for increased market reach serving thousands of clients around the world to help you reach millions with your message.

About the Seminar from Tracy

How to Crack the Social Media Code

Benefit – this seminar shows attendees what social media is, which platform to use, and why. It gives them clarity using LRH references on what the real game of social media is for – gathering identities – following the p




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