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Here is a recent testimonial from Doug Sowerbutts of, a new client from Sydney Australia who sent this to me the other day. I wanted to share it with you, encourage you to check out his site and their service, and feel free to check out the program he participated in.

“When I saw Tracy Repchuk presenting at the World Internet Summit in Sydney your Formula Based Success program it really made sense to me to follow a success formula.

I was impressed at your presentation skills and what really appealed to me was that I was in the same position that day as you were only some 18 months earlier and here
you were up on stage and hugely successful in such a short space of time with Internet Marketing.

I had the choice of a number of good mentors including Stephen Pierce and Armand Morin but you really stood out as being highly professional plus you had the ‘runs on the board’.

The Internet Marketing resources you have are just amazing and so helpful, you have saved us so much time and money. You are the ‘One-Stop Internet Marketing Shop’

The rest is now history, having you as our mentor has been a classic life advancement experience for Pam and I.

We are now on the Internet with our in record time and professionally presented.

You have delivered……Thank you so much.”

Doug Sowerbutts and Pam Skuse

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