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Quantumleap Power

This program is about getting help where and when you need it – without it being connected to a specific project or outcome.

This is being able to leverage high-level strategy, top direct sales and marketing copywriting, extensive knowledge of autoresponder systems, rapid implementation of customized marketing sales funnels, certified in wordpress, SEO, customer acquisition and social media along with precise understanding of how brand, web and social media work together to create a desired outcome.

To wrap ALL of these skills into 1 person is a rare find, and to be able to have someone as part of your team that needs no management, reminders, follow-up or checking – gives you the freedom to put POWER where you need it, when you need it most.

You can select from 3 plans, and the hours never expire. They are there for you to use for any copywriting, email marketing or web work you need.

Select an Hourly Plan



We can help determine the best way for you to go. Simply call our office at 818.859.7210

Our services range from:

  1. Consulting + maintenance – includes all aspects of email campaigns, forms, processes, funnels, shopping cart, broadcasts, tags, affiliate setup, integration, culling, etc.
  2. New emails created per month including copywriting (content taken from existing client materials) and/or Insertion and review of any number of emails pre-written by you for insertion.
  3. Liaising with any existing staff, and getting in a Standard Operating Procedures document for tags, campaigns, and autoresponder steps so any staff can follow.

Our Commitment:

We simplify your email marketing and funnel management by providing 1 stop service.
We are committed to your success with all aspects of your marketing.
We are committed to tightly working with your marketing or in-house staff in all aspects of your online requirements.
We maintain active status and goal oriented communication with you and your staff.
We are driven by your success and seek to grow and nurture your contacts and to develop your business practices and systems.

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