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Pinterest is a site that allows you to share pictures and videos online that you find interesting, inspiring or that you have need of in the immediate or near future. Pinterest is fun and very beneficial when you share it with others; when you belong to other boards or your boards have many followers. Pins on your board or others can be liked, shared within Pinterest boards or you can integrate them with other social media sites. Pinterest if utilized well can add value to your business.

Social media is a great tool that is used for lead generation or to increase traffic to your website. Pinterest not only has features that are beneficial to you at a personal level but can be a social media tool. Let us explore some Pinterest strategies that drive big traffic to your website.

1. Create boards that target specific audiences.
Make sure that all your boards on Pinterest target your market or a potential market segment. This translate to a larger market reach.

2. Offer meaningful content.
Offer this content to all your boards visitors or followers either as a video or a series of photos. You do not have to share all the details but something that will raise their interest. Make sure that the content is high quality, free, valuable to all your Pinterest visitors and covers a wide variety of topic. Tweet, post and share this content that is available on your business website. Exposure to your website and the services or products will increase the more you pin and others pin your content.

3. Embed or integrate your website link.
It is a sure way of increasing the traffic on your website. Especially if the pins are related directly to what your business offers and while targeting your audience or a potential one. Even when your pins are seen or watched on a different page, the user can quickly access your business website.

4. Promotions, contests and giveaways.
A sure way to improve traffic on your Pinterest page and website is by offering giveaways to random. Make sure that the giveaway or prize is genuine and can be independently tracked by the visitors. It is a guarantee that your site will be considered authentic and not a hoax. If this is a subsequent promotion, make sure you adequately publicize previous promotions and winners.

5. Business Communication.
Use Pinterest as to release all your business news. This means that with a wider circulation of your pins containing news about your business, the higher the traffic to your business website.

These strategies when utilized to the maximum will very easily improve the traffic on your website.

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