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Domenica Island and Overcoming Barriers

Domenica is another beautiful island situated in the Carribean. What was really cool is we had the ambassador of that island staying on our ship, and entertaining us with her amazing vocals. She lives on Domenica, has diplomatic immunity, and is a fantastic singer. I bought her CD that’s for sure.

Here for my morning excursion, I went through a rain forest environment, deep down a rock path, and then along the way I got to enjoy hot springs and rushing massage-like waters.

Then I saw the waterfall. Not many actually went to it, and went under it, because the terrain was very, very difficult. Enormous rocks, boulders, it was wet, slippery, and no path. This is where my lesson for today comes in.

When You Want Something, Go and Get it!

I could have taken my picture, and left. But I wanted to be under the mouth of Trafalgar Falls, with the rushing and pounding water on my back. So I actually went for it, and made the rock barriers, (and it so reminded me of life, you can go around, up, over and through, or you can turn back), and then I hit the water part. It was deep, and brutally cold. It took my breath away when I hit it. I couldn’t believe how cold it was for such a tropical environment.

But I made it, and I sat under it, and then I made it back. My legs were shaking when I finally hit the top once again after we went deep into the forest, and then had to also go back up. Then it was only noon, and I still had a full schedule ahead of me until 11:00pm. But that is what it takes sometimes to make a goal – extra effort and sheer determination to make it happen.

It was a very small sample of life, but I will carry it with me when I am faced with much bigger forces than this.

Ambassador of Domenica – Michele Henderson

Tracy Repchuk

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