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I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of Pinterest, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, Pinterest can be explained as a free website which allows users to register, upload, save, sort, and manage images (known as pins) as well as other media content (such as videos and images).

These collections are known as pinboards. As a user, you can browse the main page for other content that takes your interest – and pin it – get it? Pin – interest.

Pinterest drives sales and generates millions of dollars for the some 500 000 business providers on Pinterest – these are the guys that are getting it right.
Pinterest was founded by 3 gents (Silbermann – CEO, Sciarra and Sharp) and is funded by a small (smart) group of entrepreneurs and investors.

Fast Facts:
• Pinterest has over 70 million users
• Each pin is worth approx. 78 cents in sales

This is one market worth tapping into and as a business or service provider, it is vitally important to get it right. Getting it wrong, results in lost sales and a tainted brand name.

We also know that building your brand takes hard work, sweat and sometimes, tears.

Optimizing Your Blogger Outreach on Pinterest is the single most important action item on your to do list for today! How do you go about doing this? Where does one start?

First off, know the category champions and see where your product or service fits in.

The more popular categories are:
• Food & Drink
• DIY & Crafts
• Home Décor
• Women’s Fashion
• Fitness
• Technology
• Inspirational Quotes
• Humour
• Travel

Next, it is important to know your audience and how they browse, how they shop and when they let their hair down. Did you know that the most pin traffic is generated on Saturday mornings and on work weekdays between 2 and 4pm? This tells you that your customers love to browse for inspiration over a cup of coffee during relaxation time.

Know the laws of attraction:

Are you aware that light images are 20 x more attractive to Pinterest users as compared to darker images, and that the best pixel size for this purpose is 736 x 1102.

Advertise your prices – people want to be drawn in! They want to buy your product and it’s your job to help them do that by utilising a few tips and tricks on Optimizing Your Blogger Outreach on Pinterest.

• Be authentic
• Be highly relevant
• Use links
• Be customer focused
• Have great content
• Visually engage your customer
• Be professional
• Be unique
• Own your niche
• Build relationships

I trust this information will help you in Optimizing Your Blogger Outreach on Pinterest.

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