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Just finishing up the World Internet Summit tour of WIS Dallas and WIS Toronto.

Tons of amazing speakers, experiences and stories.

First time EVER in Canada. This was historic as a new wave of internet marketers take themselves to unlimited heights of wealth.

In today’s financial meltdown of bailout plans, foreclosures and mass layoffs, it is more important than ever that you take control of your life, and take the steps to make your dreams come true.

And in the field of internet marketing, that is opening doors never before even known by many to exist.

This tour was a lot about hope, change and renewal – and the fact it ran alongside the election of Barack Obama did not go missed. In a world where he aims to change the power of a country and reverse the damages done by the prior administration, it is the aim of internet marketers to do the same. When you empower a person to be able to make money to create a dream life for themselves so they are no longer a slave to a job, or another being, that is freedom.

Lost jobs, layoffs, bankruptcy, financial distress – these were the stories of real people and of the urgency to take action now.

I was asked before leaving the stage, what were my words of wisdom to get started.

Here they are in summary form:

1. Start with my book – 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

2. Select your niche, and put up a landing page, and learn the rest as you go along.

3. Attend a show like the World Internet Summit or pick a mentor. 🙂
(Perhaps one that just got nominated for 2008 Stevie Award Winning finalist for Mentor of the Year – that would be me.)
Quantum Leap Profits

You will need to buy an autoresponder. I recommend

Tune into my interview with me on Powertalk radio at 3:00pm EST as I reveal what happened on the Toronto stage that had Sean Roach saying “Well that’s never happened”

Be there PowerTalk Radio
as I am interviewed by Frank Gasiorowski

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Start with the first 3 steps and you’ll go from financial effect to financial freedom.

Here are some pictures from my Summit experience.

Tracy Repchuk and Jeff Crilley

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