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On February 7th Tracy Repchuk had the honor of presenting “Fantastic Frank Johnson” who was one of  the participants of the 2014 Business Online Mastery event, the Inspirational Business Leaders Council Motivator of the Year Award. Frank Johnson has been an entrepreneur for his entire life, and possesses a passion to help others and motivate people to Find the Hero Within. Repchuk was presenting this years “You Make A Difference” awards, which were being broadcast, live by Channel 11 Fox news in Los Angeles.

Tracy Repchuk Inspirational Business Leaders Award

Tracy Repchuk Inspirational Business Leaders Award

Tracy Repchuk was chosen to present the honorable speaker Frank Johnson because of her past marketing endeavors and her own personal success as an Internet marketing and social media speaker. She is a keynote speaker and the top woman Internet marketer in the industry. Also an entrepreneur from a very young age, Repchuk is not only a successful online businesswoman and speaker, but has had a rewarding career in consulting, writing, and many other professions.

There was no more fitting choice for presenter. Tracy Repchuk as she is using proven strategies and promoting a fresh and unique presentation style, Repchuk has gained a following of thousands of people looking for information on how to better themselves financially. She is one of the top woman social media keynote speakers in the world and has given motivating speeches in countries such as Kuwait, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, France, and many other place.

Additional awards Tracy Repchuk presented as the keynote speaker that evening were:

MarBeth Dunn

Susie Garcia

Michele Camacho

Sam Rafoss

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