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In 2011 mobile shopping became synonymous with smartphone shopping. The percentage of mobile shoppers who were smartphone users jumped to 93%, from 75% in 2010.

As people trade in their older phones for smartphones they will naturally take advantage of their devices’ powerful capabilities for doing a range of mobile activities, including shopping and buying.

With 6.2 Billion mobile phone users out there, mobile ready sites and apps are quickly replacing conventional web sites!

iPhones, iPads and Androids are replacing computers!

Advances in technology have mobilized us and now we find ourselves living in a mobile world.

Google who is on top of all of the trends, is about you providing a good user experience, so it has created a whole robot division for SEO for mobile sites. It will soon become a Google negative if your site is NOT mobile compliant.

So how does a mobile site and a non mobile site differ?

If you have seen my site – you have seen a typical site.
If you access that SAME site from your iphone, you will see that it is mobile compliant.

It will look like this, and satisfy the 4 criteria for mobile readiness.

1. Speed – it must load fast

2. Size – the fonts and text must be geared towards fat fingers

3. Ease of navigation – simple and easy to get information they want

4. Touch integration – to email, phone, and load directions and location

As you may already be aware, the mobile marketplace is a GIGANTIC, and untapped marketplace. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said this in a recent interview: “This is the future and everyone will adapt.” And Cisco says it’ll grow 10-fold over the next four years.

LinkedIn made it a major initiate as they made their mobile app the best that they can be. Some of its key improvements are faster overall performance across all features and a simpler and more intuitive menu and interface. They’ve also listened to user feedback, putting the Update stream front and center when launching the app and providing users long-awaited access to Groups.

With a growing marketplace like this, we all know that there’s definitely a lot of room for captilization through marketing.

A bad mobile experience can cost you customers.

So if you’re ready to jump into the Mobile market marketplace, then there is a tool you will definitely need.

Check it out Mobile Market Website Tool

See you on the other side
Tracy Repchuk
Your Power Business Mentor

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