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Have you ever wanted to go to Australia?

Well this March 13-17th I’m going to be there, appearing on stage at the World Internet Summit in Sydney, Australia and I’m hoping you’ll join me.

World Internet Summit AU

Any trip like that for business, is a write-off. I’m taking the whole family, so if you have kids, mine will be there too.

Check it out, see what you could be a part of, learn the many ways to use the internet to make money, and see the world at the same time.

Australia Dream Destination and World Internet Summit

10 power-house speakers with the latest information to crack the code on Internet Marketing.

Sign up, let me know you’ll be there (post it here as a comment), and I’ll see you soon!

For anyone more local, I will be in Las Vegas this weekend at Internet Master’s show as a VIP at the Tropicana. This show is jam packed, back-to-back education from greats such as Willie Crawford, Harris Felmman, Paulie Sabol, Simon Leung, Sterling Valentine and so many more. The topics are across the board and

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