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I told you about a book earlier in the week that was the persuasive bible of the industry, and how it sold out, went out of print, and any remaining copies hanging around you can sometimes find on ebay or Amazon for $150.00 and up.

Written by the “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Mark Joyner, who was a former US Army Intelligence agent, is ready to reveal the story.

This just released video that talks about it, and shows you proof of what happened when the book was pulled and why there was a missing chapter.

Watch the video, get the book, and when you do, and even for those that already have), email me the receipt, and in addition I will send you an ebook that you can use as a FREE gift to immediately start to implement the strategies and turn subscribers into purchasers called “How to Write Killer Promo Emails”.

Check out the video right now – Mind Control Marketing

Mark is no longer afraid to reveal what he knows.

Go right now ->> Mind Control Marketing

Watch the video,
Get the ebook, and start reading it right away, because in internet marketing, everything we write will use these strategies, because it is all about the ‘buy’.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – There is always a guarantee with Mark’s stuff – no risk on your part, but if you miss it, and it goes back off the market, then you’ll miss out on a moment in internet marketing history that us late-comers can finally experience. You WILL WANT
Mind Control Marketing where small changes you could make open the windfall you have been waiting for.

Tracy Repchuk
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