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With the landing page as a gateway to your internet marketing business, and the cornerstone to building your list, over the next while I am going to be dropping tips you can use to increase your headline optimization.

The “Years Into Minutes” Strategy

The “what took us (no.) (months/years) to develop you can have in minutes…”
strategy tells your prospects that it would take them months or years if they tried to gain their desired benefit by themselves.

In a society hungry for instant results, most people want to save time and would opt for the ‘few minutes’ idea.

For example I have one client that took 4.5 years to build a software for internet marketing management called –

Her headline could be: What Took Me 4.5 Years to Develop You can Have in Minutes…”

For her, that headline strategy would work for her landing page and sales page.

See where these ideas can take you and your next marketing campaign.

Have a great day.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

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