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Donald Trump said “Your Fired” to Jenn Hoffman on The Apprentice and today she was hanging at my place for lunch.

We’re connected on Twitter, and started to get more acquainted when the 7 degrees of seperation kicked in, and you realize you know the same people.

Here is a picture of myself and Jenn Hoffman from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

As you can imagine from hundreds of thousands of submissions, getting on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice is no easy feat.

And since my son played “Young Donald Trump” – in the Movie Trump Unauthorized – we have a habit of being interested in what’s happening in the world of Donald Trump.

Follow her on twitter –

She is also a columnist for OK magazine and has many other fund projects on her agenda.

Have a great week and keep on pushing the envelope.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – My daughter is a finalist for a video contest – she did all the work herself – if you can go and comment on the website and say #3 – Celeste Just Dance – that would totally rock – THANKS – Lady Gaga Video Contest

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