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Is internet marketing still the “go to” market of choice?

You Bet – and more than ever.

Statistics and trends you need to know if you are on the fence about getting into the digital-based internet marketing field, and the results will indicate there has never been a better time.

Check it out: Internet Marketing Statistics

A couple of examples for you to ponder:

– If you were wondering should you get into this field –
Does 12.7 billion in 2007 and forecasts of 153.4 billion in 2011 interest you?

– Online is predicted to enjoy growth rates three times higher than any other medium.
Its value is set to increase from $9 billion in 2002 to $73.1 billion in 2011

The main sources of online growth – forecast to be in double-digits each year to 2011 – are likely to be:
• subscriptions
• digital mobile
• TV and music downloads
• video on-demand
• online ads
• online/mobile video games
• e-publishing.

Check out the hotspots and the top devices we won’t give up.

Link – Internet Marketing Statistics

Enjoy and know that you are entering one of the biggest growth phases for internet and digital products – so now is the time to get your ideas into serious, money-making motion.

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