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I did a survey on close to 10,000 subscribers with a huge response rate, and I was actually surprised at the results. It was question #5 though that I was shocked with.

Here are those results. Post comments, agree, disagree, and share your thoughts too.

1. What is your number one issue to getting your goals?

Response Percent
Time 15.2%
Money 27.3%
Knowledge 51.5%
Goal Setting 3.0%
Selecting a niche market 21.2%

I thought the #1 answer would be time. It turned out to be knowledge. So I had better start getting my knowledge out there faster.

2. How would you rate your Internet Marketing knowledge?
Response Percent Response
None – I just want to make money on it 8.3%
Newbie/Beginner – I have a niche but don’t know how to start 41.7%
Intermediate – I have sites, but not making money 41.7%
Experienced – I just like getting insights from others 8.3%

It was a tie – between newbies/beginners and those that are intermediate, but have never made any money. That is certainly what I have encountered in the industry, but I was surprised at how close the stats were split between the two groups.

3. How do you like to get your information?
Response Percent Response
Email is great 35.1%
Teleseminar classes 18.9%
Workshops or seminars 8.1%
Home e-courses 13.5%
Coaching/private mentoring 13.5%
Any and all of the above 54.1%

Really, email is still the preferred method for my group, with a side of teleseminar and a dash of mentoring or ecourses. This was different than my expectations, as my answer would be mentoring.

4. Would you consider an MLM type of business? (this one had the strongest response)
Response Percent Response
What’s MLM? 9.7%
Only if entry price was small 9.7%
Only if I believed in the product 25.8%
Only if I got real value for my money 19.4%
Maybe – why do you know of a good one 25.8%
Never 32.3%

Highest response for MLM/Network Marketing was NEVER. Very interesting.

5. Are You? (This was a shocker for me!)
Response Percent Response
Male 63.0%
Female 37.0%

Given industry statistics, my list goes against the norm, with a predominant active membership being in the male category. Come on girls, lets get going.

Thought you might enjoy them. I did.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

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