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The book is coming together at amazing speed, but I have changed one thing along the way, and that is, I want it to be an Amazon Bestseller.

So – I am going to need your help.

But – you won’t be disappointed because not only will you get my book for only $17.95, but you will get over $250 dollars worth of Free bonus items if you buy it on April 13th, 2007. My birthday is April 14th, and I want to shower you with gifts for helping me make one of my dreams.

Tons of free gifts, and I would expect it will be close to 300 pages of pure Internet marketing magic the way the chapters and topics are unfolding.

Here is a sneak peek at the Chapters.

Chapter 1: Assume a Millionaire Mindset

Chapter 2: Preparing for Power

Chapter 3: Turning Prospects Into Purchasers

Chapter 4: Catapulting to Product Profits

Chapter 5: Tapping Into the Internet Marketing Miracles Makers

This will be an awesome section devoted to the Internet Gurus out there that you need to know.

Chapter 6: Creating a Traffic

Chapter 7: Maximizing Your Marketing

And what is unfolding between all of that is very cool. I’ll post some for you as it unfolds.

Pre-register your order today and reserve over $250 worth of free bonus gifts for you.

Tracy Repchuk

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