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Internet Marketing is like an I Love Lucy Episode

Do you remember I love Lucy?

I thought that show was hilarious – and the other day as I watched reruns of my favourite episodes, it dawned on me – that internet marketing is like an I Love Lucy

So what do I mean by that?

When I bring up the episode, you’re going to know exactly what I mean.

In fact, I have the link for you right here so after you have listened to me, you can go and watch the episode clip, and then post your comments on my blog – after you have picked yourself up from the floor laughing.

The episode is known as the chocolate factory.

And Lucy is getting oriented at her new job – where she and Ethel will wrap candies. Think of the candy as internet marketing knowledge.

It comes at you – you’re intrigued, you’re ready, you know you can do this – you can make money just like everyone else, you have great ideas – and then the conveyer belt starts. Information comes at you.

“Well this is easy”

“Yes we can handle this okay”

They only have one job – wrap the candy.

You only have one job – make money.

Then the information starts to come at you a little faster, you do your best to keep up, you have support at times,

but then…

You start to get sloppy, cut corners, look for quick fixes

Lucy starts to shove the candy in her mouth…

as you shove the information you aren’t understanding in your brain.

Her mouth is exploding like your brain

There is a mess everywhere

She hides the mess

She pretends she is fine

She has everything under control

And since everything appears to be fine – they tell them to speed it up a little

And the results are utter chaos,

With no results.

Sound familiar?

Look familiar?

Feel familiar?

Go at your own speed, and learn skills in the order they were meant to be learned.

That way you aren’t suffering from information overload.

Watch it here:

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So you don’t end up with a mouth full of chocolates that won’t go down.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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